Monday, October 3, 2011

Nutrisystem Week 2!

Week two of Nutrisystem and I am down 3 more pounds! So in two weeks I have lost a total of 7 pounds-that's right 7lbs! Now some of you may say, "oh that is not so much" but if you are one of those then you have a freakishly good metabolism or have not hit the mid life everything sticks to my thighs age.  This week was a roller coaster ride-I started out feeling great then I hit my first road bump.... I had snack for the week and had to make a cake for the cake walk. So a little batter would not hurt which turned into a taste of frosting and by the end of the night I felt terrible! The next day I stepped on the scale and gained the pound I tried so hard to learn. That was it I drank my full two bottles and stuck to the plan-the next day I had put on a pound and ate a cookie-epic fail! That night I wanted to go out dinner and give up all hope but my wonderful husband told me so you added a few pounds think of the 4 you have already lost-what a lifesaver! Now if you do not have someone to walk you away from the cookie jar-turn to Nutrisystem! They have a great online support team and I am sure I am not the first to stray from the path and go into a sugar frenzy. My final road bump of the week was finding a dish that I was not so crazy about but guess what I pick the food so now I know not to order the chicken dish. My upside of the week-I actually ate a candy bar/chocolate every day-Nutrisystem brand of course :) Looking forward to next week's update- I am determined to lose 3 more pounds and stay on track! Thank you everyone for all of your support-you are the greatest support team on Earth!

Thank you Nutrisystem for providing my food in exchange for my honest opinion on the program. 


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