Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Bluapple Giveaway & Review

As you have read I am on a weight loss adventure which means I no longer turn to processed food. Although I love eating fresh fruit and vegetables I hate going to the store three times a week. Seriously even with the produce in the crisper drawer my fruit goes bad in days-often before we get to eat everything which means we basically throw money in the trash. Then I found a great new product Bluapple! The Blueapple is a cute little blue apple that you can throw into your crisper to increase the life of your fruit or vegetables. Blueapple has been featured on The Drs (one of my favorite tv shows!) as a great product to help save families money. Did you know that the typical family throws away $600 of produce each year! Yikes I do not know about you but that could easily pay off one of our many credit card bills. We have used out Bluapple for an entire month and I can honestly say that my strawberries have lasted more than a day which is amazing! Do you want to know my favorite part of the Blueapple website-they have an area to entire when you start using the apple and they will email when it is time to replace...wonderful for those of us that tend to forget everything! Be sure to enter below-3 people will win!


  1. I have heard so many good things about this product, would love to try.I hate wasting fruit and veggies