Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Great Holiday Gift Idea

While searching for a few more presents online today I found an ipod touch sale. As you have read I plan on doing all online shopping this year to prevent the remorse buy. My cousin has started high school and really wants to get an ipod touch and anything else apple. I am so glad I found the comparison shopper-it charts the price history and where the best place to buy is based on price. I am so amazed at how many sites offer things like this to help the shopper (remember the how to buy a pearl site!). I think that I am more informed on how to buy electronics because I can compare everything in one place instead of relying on a person in the store to have a little bit of knowledge. I can't wait to be the best cousin ever when we go home for the holidays-I really have found some great deals online. Hope this helps some of you who are looking to start your holiday shopping-especially with some of the bigger ticket items like an ipod touch :)


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