Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Moving time this weekend!

Lucky us we are not the one moving but my best friend from high school will be moving out of state. Now we are all originally from Ohio and since then my husband and I have moved several times but I feel really stressed about her leaving. We are currently several hours apart but talk often-should I feel crazy about her moving? I mean it won't make a difference on how often we see one another but I still feel like she is moving to a different corner of the world! I think this week has been so stressful that I am literally making everything a for groceries today almost brought me to tears because they did not have a tangled fruit snacks and they are little misses favorite. Ah maybe I need a July cannot come soon enough! Well I am way off topic but we are helping her move this weekend-nothing really heavy because she found movers. Ever hear of I certainly never have but you enter your zip code and it pulls up the searches of things in your area. In all of our moves I have never had any help so I am curious how much smoother things will go since we do not have to haul out all the furniture. In our current home we brought all of our appliances and it was not fun dragging a washer/dryer down into a basement and our couch had to go in a picture window because the doorway was way to small. So I am hoping that we will get to spend some quality time together since she has some "muscle" to lift all the heavy things....maybe a little catching up is just what I need! I will be taking the weekend off-hope everyone has a relaxing fall weekend!


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