Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Jadience Giveaway

 As many of you know I suffer from fibromyalgia. Now some days it I think that it is no big deal and I can live each day with minimal pain. Since it has been getting cold I have had a horrible time getting up in the morning and make more crackling sounds than pop rocks. I do not want to start using medication so early in life and have been looking for natural alternatives. In my search I have found the Jadience company which has a philosophy rooted in wellness.   The company is based in San Diego and is an East Asian family-run business that combines the science of herbology with tightly guarded formulations that really work.  The line is currently available in high end spas (Four Season, Hyatt, Marriott, Rizt Carlton, Hilton) and many natural food markets including Whole Foods. If you do not have a location near you the products are also available at health practioner offices, massage therapist, and online here.  There are many products catagories avaiable includeing muscle & joint, detoz, slimming, skin & body care, and meditation. Now let me tell you about my experiance with the muscle & joint plaster kit. I can honestly say that is the best hollistic remedy I have tried to date! The kit includes plaster, patches to hold the plaster in place, and spray to use after the plaster treatment. I put the plaster on my knees, back, and shoulders and within ten minutes I felt great. It was a nice sensation and the pain seemed to melt away into the plaster. My husband also has a back injury and he placed the patch on his back and was amazed at how the pain went away within a half an hour. I love using the plaster because I do not have to take any pain medication that may make me feel groggy or just "different". Because of the huge success of the plaster I am able to live a little better quality of life-now I can't wait to try the detox and slimming kits! 


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  1. I too have Fibromyalgia. Have had it for over 20 years. It is a pain that is so frustrating to have. I am on pain medication which doesn't help much. I also have 3 herniated dics in my neck and 4 in my lower lumber. Arthritis in my joints. I am interested in trying this to see if it helps at all.

    You take care of yourself.