Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Nutrisystem Week 4

Ah a whole month that I actually stuck to something-thank you Nutrisystem for a grand weight loss of 11 pounds and a feeling of accomplishment. Now I have received many questions about the food and portion control so I thought I would focus on the food this week. Luckily my food arrived today so I took a short video to show the size and packaging of the food. I am very excited for this month because I get to try many new foods that I have not tried....loving the feeling of options! Now I did order a dress for my husband's holiday party and ordered a size down...eek! Am I actually going to hit my goal? Passed on this months success I am hoping that the dress will need to be taken in before the party in three months. I know several of you have wrote asking many questions about your own journey and once again I cannot stress enough the amazing support system that Nutrisystem offers. I am now over ten pounds lighter and a million times happier-I find myself making better choices because I never want to go back to the 170's. To celebrate my 10 pound weight loss Nutrisystem will send me a Nutribear that has the number 10 over his heart-no longer do I need to celebrate with food and I cannot tell you how much this little bear will mean to me! Here is to another week and another adventure-please keep the feedback coming we are all on this journey together.
A quick video on the food packaging and portion control:

*A huge thank you to Nutrisystem for providing my food in response for my honest opinion*


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