Thursday, October 6, 2011

Cold & Flu Season is right around the corner!

I cannot believe how cold it was today! The worst part of closing up the house for the winter is all the dander and dust in the house. My daughter was recently diagnosed with airway problems-similar to asthma but she is too young to call it asthma so we have to change many things. We first started by ripping up the carpeting-although I hate how cold the hard wood floors can be in the morning it was worse to see all the junk trapped in what I thought was a clean room. Our next big step is to get an air purifier. Did you know that the EPA estimates that air indoors can be five times more polluted than outdoor air? Since we live in a cold climate that means our house is closed up seven or eight months out of the year. We started our air purifier search and soon found the greatest air filter for the price- the Holmes Air Purifiers. Now we have many Holmes products in our house already so I knew that it was a brand we could trust. The air purifier uses a new aer filter system that has been proven to trap and lock 99.97% of harmful airborne allergens that  are present indoors. The aer1 filter delivers 30% air quality and can effectively reduce cold and flu since the amount of germs and bacteria are reduced. The filter is available in the following options: Total Air, Odor/Pet, Allergen Remover, Germ Fighter. Based on your personal needs and the season the filter can be changed to effectively meet your specific needs. Personally I could not be any happier with our Holmes Room Air Purifier-my daughter has not had to use her action plan once since we installed one in her room! The unit is small enough to put in a corner and be out of the way and easily blends into any decor.  This is a perfect addition to any home to help allergy sufferers, asthmatics, and removing second hand smoke. I love not having to dust as often and still offer my daughter a clean home with high quality air!


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