Friday, October 7, 2011

"Cool Mee" Car Seat/Stroller liner

Fall is quickly turning to winter but the weather is so crazy! We start the day at 40 and by the afternoon I am sweating from my now over dressed wardrobe. Unfortunately my daughter feels the heat way more than I do-she gets so sweaty it is out of control! Because she is still in her stroller most of the time she gets a really sweaty back from the stroller and car seat because there is no ventilation! Lucky me I found a great solution-the "Cool Mee" Seat Liner by Meeno Babies. The seat liner is universal which means I can take it from the my car seat and use it in both cars (although once you use the product I would buy one for each!) and is available for infant and toddler cars eats and strollers. The liner is also a great solution for proper padding and to reduce stains on the seat. Since we have but the seat on I feel that my daughter is cooler and when she falls asleep in the car in the sun her back is no longer drenched with sweat! Want to know where to buy your very own? The website has a great link of retailers here based on state!


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