Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Planet Wise Sponsor Post

 Looking for a great way to keep lunch fresh and money in your wallet? I found a great company called Planet Wise that focuses on green living. I love the reusable snack bags offered-everything from sandwich bags to snack bags. They offer two kinds of sandwich bags-one with a window and one sandwich wrap. The wrap is so easy to use that my two year old likes to make her own "car lunch". With the bag I now can pack my daughter a sandwich without having to cut it up into a million pieces to fit into a little bag. Best of all the bags are reusable! This means I am not only helping the environment by not throwing away a million tiny plastic bags but I am saving my money. I have washed my bags a bunch of times and they are holding up as well as the day I received them in the mail. Be sure to take a look at all the great patterns-you can be trendy and green thanks to Planet Wise!


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