Thursday, October 6, 2011

SmartBones Sponsor Highlight

SmartBones are a premium no rawhide chew. The bones come in a variety of sizes and are made with real dried chicken breast. Now I have two pups-Olivia is a size pound Chinese Crested and will eat anything and everything. Suprise, Suprise she ate her bone like it was the finest thing on Earth. Now the real shocker-I have a 90 ish pound Mastiff (Blake) who will not eat ANYTHING. Let me stress this again we have to buy the tiny bags of dog food because he will change his mind so much! Once I had to soak his food in chicken broth because he was on a hunger strike. Now treats are a complete disaster. Blake will not eat any hard bones and is super picky about soft treats. He has turned up his nose to so many treats I wonder how he even survives. To my surprise when I offered him his SmartBone he sniffed it and licked it...success in my book! Then I went to put away laundry and came downstairs to him eating his bone!! I am hooked on SmartBones if they can get Mr. Picky to eat a bone they are the best in my book. Now on to the benefits of the bone: SmartBones are the first of its kind to be fortified with vitamins and minerals, chewing promotes healthy dental care, safe and rawhide free. The bones are available in a variety of sizes and flavors including chicken, peanut butter, and dental.


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