Saturday, November 12, 2011

Spread the Warmth Charity Event

Spread the Warmth Charity Event-check out this great event here. Register to win one of 90 prizes and help out a great cause! 
More from the website:
We have well $3500 in prizes lined up for you to win! There will be 90 WINNERS! 
Minimum prize value is $10 but some are worth over $100.

All you have to is make a donation to Embrace Infant Warmers and you are entered to win!
(Donation minimum is $10 - see details below)

About Embrace Infant Warmers:
Embrace is a social enterprise that aims to help millions of vulnerable babies through a low cost infant warmer. Unlike traditional incubators that cost up to $20,000, the Embrace Infant Warmer costs 1% of this price. The device can work with or without electricity, is portable, safe and intuitive to use.

Who Embrace Helps:
"" "Embrace Infant Warmers"
Story of Ayesha: Ayesha is a beautiful baby girl who weighed only 1100 grams at birth. Her mother and father had already lost two previous children after birth due to lack of proper medical care. They saved every penny so that Ayesha could be born in a city hospital, a four-hour walk from their village. Ayesha had a very low chance of survival and was kept in an incubator under constant observation for 10 days. However, as her parent’s savings ran out it was not possible to keep her in the NICU any longer. It was at this point that Ayesha was placed in an Embrace Infant Warmer for thermal support.
Ayesha went home with her mom and dad after about a month, and has been putting on weight and doing well. Without the thermal support of the Embrace Infant Warmer, it is unlikely that Ayesha would have survived.

Empowering Doctors to Save Babies: Embrace is impowering doctors in resource-poor settings to provide better care for babies. Recently one doctor, who runs a birthing center in a small town, was given and Embrace warmer. The entire town only has two NICU centers that receive babies from a 50-100 mile radius. During our visit, we were shocked to see that the clinics two radiant warmers had NO temperature control and could get hot enough to cause severe burns. The doctor told us about a baby who had almost gotten burnt when a nurse accidentally turned on the unit. It is in innumerable places like these where Embrace can and will really make an impact.

How Can You Help?
By making a donation into the charity raffle giveaway event today, your money will go directly to support Embrace's Programs in India and soon across the world.


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