Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Nutrisystem Week 6

I have officially lasted a month and a half on Nutrisystem! I have never lasted on a "diet" this long and I think that it really is because I have looked at this experience more as a life changer than a quick fix diet. That really is the great thing about the program-you are encouraged to change gradually and learn a new lifestyle in regards to portion control and exercise. I have so many pictures of my family that I don't want to put in my daughters scrap book because of the way I look-shallow I know but when I look at those pictures I think about how I think I look and how photos do not lie. So I am down a little over 12 pounds and love my pictures of us from Halloween weekend. Now I do have a ways to go-17 pounds to 150-but I am falling in love with all the small changes taking place. My arms are getting tighter and I can actually run more than a few inches without feeling like I will die. This week has been great because I have maintained my weight and not given into all the candy and cookies that come with Halloween. My husband has started to work out with me which helps me stay on task and we will both feel better in the end-I cannot wait to see next week's changes!

*Thank you nutrisystem for providing my food for the program-all opnions are my own!*


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