Thursday, November 10, 2011

Sponsor Highlight-Barbamel Books

Looking for a unique gift idea for the holidays? Check out these "I love daddy because" books! Now the books are not limited to daddy-there is a mommy edition, and a grandma and grandpa edition (coming soon a brother & sister edition). The books are perfect for any little one especially those that are far from the ones they love. The book has photo spots for your own 4x6 pictures so it is easy to personalize and become a one of a kind adventure. The board books are very sturdy and have withstood my daughter spilling her cereal and using it as a surf board-of course not recommend but she loves to make her books multi purpose :)  In our case my husband works long hours and travels a ton and we are far from family. It is nice for my daughter to have a book that has pictures of her and her family so she can remember everyone and be with them while they are far away. The pages and ideas of the book are simplistic and classic so it is easy to fit your photo into the story and bring the book to life. My daughter likes to "read" her book to her bear and tell him about daddy's book. Not only are the books fantastic but I have had a chance to meet the author and she is amazing-one of the sweetest business owner's I have met in a long time! She really does care about the success of her company and adds a personal touch to the overwhelming book market. While Barbamel Books are just beginning their US journey the books are sold in a wide variety of stores-find books near you here or you can order online. These books are sure to be a great success-especially around the holidays! Order now for your special little one and watch their delight when they open a book all about them!


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