Saturday, November 12, 2011

Sponsor Highlight: Vizardz Personalized Nightlight

Here is one of my favorite ideas on the gift guide-Vizardz Personalized Nightlights! The completed product is beyond breathtaking....we had my daughter's first day of school with her kitty turned into a night light and I was amazingly impressed. The picture is in color and just lights up the bathroom with the right amount of light. As little miss continues to get up in the night to go potty we find the nightlight to be the perfect amount of light without waking her up and she finds the personal picture very comforting. She loves her Cooper (our cat) and doesn't feel alone in the dark...we went through a very bad afraid of the dark phase not very long ago so this is a huge plus. Not sure a nightlight is a must for the holidays? Consider a personalized light box or ornament. I know that the distance between our families makes holiday time a little stressful so I love to give the grandparents something personal....just think every time they walk into their bathroom they can see their grandchild's smiling face. I cannot stress enough what a great gift idea the nightlight would make (and it is so unique!) plus turn around time is amazing with stellar customer service. Here is an example of the night light:


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