Monday, November 7, 2011

Sponsor Highlight Karina Dresses

As I continue my weight loss adventure I have begun to look for clothes that really make me feel good about you I am....goodbye sweats and hoodies-hello dresses! Now I have a weird body shape so it is hard for me to find clothes that fit my large legs and smaller waist. With dresses I have a horrible time finding something for my wide shoulders and not either looking like a hanging garbage bag or being so snug all over that I can barely walk. All of the stress over finding a perfect dress ended when I discovered Karina dresses. What sold me on the dress was that it will grow with you five pounds in either direction and that there is a type for every body. I personally have the Daisy style and am amazed at how well it shows off my body while not being snug on my legs. Here is the Daisy:

Now as a mom of a toddler I do not have time to drop off dresses at the dry cleaner so when I found out that Karina dresses are made for busy moms I was thrilled. Just throw your dress in the wash, drip dry and go- the dresses never need ironing! All Karina dresses are made in the USA and have impeccable quality. Each dress truly feels like it was made special just for you-I cannot wait to grow my Karina collection!


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