Friday, November 4, 2011

Hold on Handles-great for kids who love to "walk it!"

My daughter's new favorite thing is to "walk it". At first I thought this is wonderful-no more back ache from carrying little miss everywhere but she had different plans. Apparently when we are "walking it" there is to be no hand holding which means complete chaos. Since it is not safe in parking lots or many places for that matter I had such anxiety over what to do-then I met Greater Than One Kids at media expo. The company is the greater of the product Hold on Handles which are perfect for strollers and walking. We have the dolphin set and my daughter is very happy to be "free" yet close to me without any danger. Here is a great shot of how the Hold on Handles work:

Unlike the other "child on a leash" inventions this product is just like your child holding your hand and staying close-my husband personally loves our Hold on Handles because he does not have to bend over slightly to reach her little hand anymore.  Now as I have stated we are in the process of adopting so the Hold on Handle is going to be great to attach to the stoller and still keep little miss close and safe plus when our new little gets old enough we can add another Hold on Handle to keep them both safe! The handles are availble is a hard design and a new soft ring which is perfect for the younger "explorer's". My daughter took to her Hold on Handles very quickly-I think because she uses a walking rope at school and I was not "restraining" her like some of the other leash type products. If you have a parent on your holiday list that has everything this is a great buy for thier independant little explorer.


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