Monday, November 7, 2011

Featured Sponsor-SolPals

SolPals are the greatest invention of all time (of course completely my opinion!). Do you have children that are afraid of the dark? For my family it is not that my daughter is afraid of the dark but she is nighttime training and turning the light on in her bathroom wakes her up completely and then I am up in the middle of the night with a wide awake toddler. The SolPal is the world's first solar-powered hybrid nightlight and comes in two great designs. My daughter has the MoonBeams design which she calls her "magic sunflower". The light can be easily suctioned to any window and then easily bends through the blinds-don't worry the packaging comes with clear instructions and it is super simple to install. We live in a state that is not always "sunny" so having the option for the unit to run off of batteries is a life savor-I never have to worry about the light turning off in the middle of the night! Now why do you need a solar power night light you may ask? Think of this horrifying event-your little one is sleeping soundly when their night light sparks a fire. Chances are your night light is near your child's bed and fire moves so quickly it is incredible. I personally have a huge fear of exposed outlets. My daughter is one curious cat and so smart-I have no doubt she can easily pull out a traditional night light and stick who knows what into the socket. I am so glad I have found SolPals-what a great gift idea for anyone on your list!


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