Sunday, November 13, 2011

Holiday Season is Right Around the Corner!

It is official we are in full holiday swing...I personally do not get excited until after Halloween-after all that is my favorite holiday! This year we are doing a little something different with our holiday cards-making them from home! For the last few years we have spent tons getting them done and then having to pay a fortune for either the photo release or for the picture place to print our cards. This past weekend I took a bunch of fall photos of my daughter and pups playing in the leaves and we will be using that as the main photo. We have also decided to hang up a "card tree" this year. We made a big paper tree and are going to hang it on the door, then as the cards arrive our daughter can use the paper clips to decorate her tree. I figure it is a nice way to keep the cards on display without lining the doorway or having a pile on the mantel. Receiving Christmas cards has to be one of my favorite parts of the holiday-no pretending to like a crazy gift you did not want or need and they often include photos to see how everyone has changed. As more people in out family extend their family I will be excited to see how the babies grow from holiday to holiday! Anyway we have decide to use Tiny Prints this year-it really will be nice to have everything delivered to my door! Last year the photo place took forever to get the prints done and half looked smeared so I am more than excited to simply select a card, add the photo, and done-the prints will arrive looking fabulous at my door! Here is the card we are most certainly going to use-there is such a large selection of cards for every season and personality type-I would love to hear the card you have selected for your family!


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