Friday, November 4, 2011

Buckle Guard PRO-great piece of mind!

Here is my horrifying experience from a week ago-my daughter yells “look at me-I did it!” and my response (because I am driving) is “great good job”. Then she replies “I get out now” and I look in the mirror to find her messing with the seat belt. I think nothing of it and keep driving until I turned at the next major intersection and her seat tips over with her in it -I mean tips on the side and there is nothing I can do but watch horrified. Now what if I would of been in a car accident-her seat would of flown out of the car or something else terrible could of happened. Now I have seen a ton of “child proof” things for the car but my daughter can do it all-open the childproof locks, window latches, and even baby gates. So I started to hunt and find something that would outsmart my little smarty pants and prevent her from being able to “push the button”. Why on Earth would they make the release button red in the first place-they are just asking for little hands to experiment! So after searching I found something that my daughter has not mastered and it is called the Buckle Guard PRO. If your child cannot open pill bottles this is the best thing for your car. The Buckle Guard PRO is plastic unit that slips over the seat belt  to cover the release. You then put the cap on so the child cannot push the big red button to release their seat belt. The Buckle Guard PRO has received the 2011 Seal and Excellence Award from Creative Child Magazine and is under $10 dollars (available here at Amazon) . In my opinion it is worth every penny for the piece of mind it brings. Here is the Buckle Guard PRO:


  1. So what if the car wrecks and catches on fire or goes into a body of water. Do you really want to have that thing installed in that situation?

  2. Hi. I just wanted to send over a quick note and respond to your concerns. In my situation the day to day safety trumps the chance of a tragic accident. I do have a device in my car that can cut seat belts and smash glass as well in case of a severe emergency so in my personal situation I would say yes I still want the Buckle Guard PRO installed in my car and I would use my other safety device to cut the seat belt if I could not open the protector just as I would if I could not reach the seat belt release. Thank you for your comments-I always like to interact and hear my readers opinions!