Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Win the new SKOY Cloth from Earth Crunchy Mama

As you have read I am trying my best to become as "green" as possible. Over the past year I have switched to a non toxic cleaner home (amazing what vinegar can do!) and have purchased a steam mop that uses no cleaner and the clothes can be washed over and over. If you have been following for some time you may remember my post on reusable wipes which have now become great for my daughter's sticky little hands and face. They one thing that has continued to bother me is how many paper towels my family uses on a day to day basis. We seriously use at least a roll every two days and not only is this expensive but it really piles on the garbage. We were using sponges for some of the messes but they fell apart so fast and once they were smelly they had to go to the trash with all the paper towels. While doing a little research I came across Earth Crunchy Mama that focuses on products that are reusable and can help reduce the amount of trash. I personally now own the reusable sponges and SKOY cloths and can say that we have dramatically cut our paper towel use in half if not more. The SKOY cloth is an absorbent, biodegradable cloth that has endless uses. SKOY clothes are available in sets of four so I have one in each bathroom, one designated for the kitchen, and one I use specifically on windows. Of course I only do this because I like things to stay consistent and it is easy to tell my daughter to grab a certain color for a certain task but you can use and wash SKOY cloths over and over and use anywhere that a sponge, wash cloth, or paper towel is used.  As I said I also have the sponges that are amazing! You can throw them in the wash when they get smelly (I have two and wash mine every couple days) and it is just like having a new sponge without building up so much trash.  I also love the color choices available... they seem to be able to fit into any color scheme and are bright and cheerful as opposed to a dirty old sponge or ratty cleaning rag. Here is a photo of the SKOY cloths that one lucky ready will win:


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