Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Win Lost Puppies Board Game from Peaceable Kingdom Press

Well it is raining like crazy here today which means that we are all trapped inside and since today is NOT a school day it makes for a long day. Now when I was little I loved rainy days home to do crafts and play games with my mom. Surprisingly I find it hard to find games now that teach my daughter much. The days all of lesson learning games seem to have given way to games filled up with characters and super hero's. I was so happy when I came across Peaceable Kingdom Press and the Lost Puppies Board Game. The object of the game is to bring all the lost puppies before night time. I love the idea of cooperative games because everyone can work together to work toward a common goal instead of being so competitive about who will win the game. I really do find that the game has taught my daughter how to work together with others instead of focusing on winning at all cost. The game is also super cute! We love making up our own games like "adopt a puppy" and my daughter uses her imagine to change the rules and make the game our own. Our game board has even become a puppy slide-although not recommended I was surprised that the game board did not split in half at the abuse of being a slide-talk about quality! I cannot wait for the holidays to find more great games from Peaceable Kingdom Press!

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  1. This looks adorable!