Friday, September 23, 2011

Cedar Point Amusement Park Hallo Weekends!

Last month my family had a great time visiting Cedar Point. If you are not familiar it is an amazing amusement park in the Midwest that offers something for everyone. When I say that there is something for everyone I really mean it! For children that are small and just starting out (as long as they can walk they can ride most of the rides) there are two areas of rides that are perfect. My daughter rode these cars that honk, a big boat in the water, and carousel over and over. The best part was she was able to ride alone and feel grown up and I did not have to climb into a cramped space so that she would have fun. For the older kids (and adults) there are so many roller coasters and rides to choose from that you are sure to find something. I am not a roller coaster fan so my husband tried all the roller coasters and I stuck to the old cars, racing horses, and spinning rides. The park also has a frontier themed area with a petting zoo and different frontier themed shops...we made our own candles! Snoopy and the characters walk around the park and have an indoor area where kids can climb on the foam toys and take a break from the heat. Of course it is now fall and the park is offering Hallo Weekends. There will be a ton of fall/Halloween themed events at the park along with the rides and activities offered during the summer months. Whether you want to go and take in a show or ride the thrill rides I highly suggest visiting cedar point for Hallo Weekends or put it on your schedule for a fun family get away for next summer.


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