Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Searching for National Insurance

So let me share you with one of the worst parts of being a home owner-switching insurance companies! Our last insurance company decided they needed an inspection and all these paper work updates. After jumping over all their obstacles we had our insurance rate increase because we had done some work to the property! I mean seriously I was not happy and decided it was time to move on to one of the larger only problem is I did not know where to begin. I started by searching all of the major companies that I could think of and hit a ton of rode blocks. Some of the companies changed names based on the state, some wanted you to call in (I am a big online do it yourselfer), and some of the legal jumbo made no sense. One company actually told me that my car insurance would be under one name and my house insurance under another but bundled on one policy. Does that not make any sense? Perhaps I was not following along since she was talking so fast like it was common knowledge but I was lost after a few minutes. So I thought if there are travel sites that compare prices and features there must be something to compare insurance. National Insurance Company offered so many different kinds of insurance-renters, life insurance, home insurance, auto insurance, and healthcare. Of course I just started searching to help me save time and money but also loved that I was saving time! How great is it that we can click a few times and have all the research on the best companies without the hours of phone calls. The process was very easy with a ton of helpful information. There is a section on common questions and you can focus on one type of insurance at a time.


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