Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Teach your child to save!

How many of you have actual cash in your wallet? I don't think that I have carried money in a while and it makes me think-what am I teaching my daughter? She will not know anything but you swipe the card and things are paid for or how to save up her money to buy something that she really wants. Since my husband & I are not the greatest examples and often do not carry money I looked for another source to show my daughter how to budget and give back since it is such a vital part of survival. The Money Savvy Pig is truly a piggy bank for 21st century-it is not only adorable put very practical. The piggy is divided into four areas-save, spend, donate, invest. Your child can then make the decision what to do with their hard earned money and watch their decisions build since most of the pigs are clear. The Money Savvy Pig is available in six colors and each area has a separate retrieval spot. For example if you child wants to take the money they are going to spend that money can easily come out of the bank without having to remove all of the other money-the retrieval holes are in the pigs feet which I find to be an adorable design! Money Savvy Pig has received many awards including the Parent's Choice Gold Award, NAPPA Gold, and Creative Toy Award. If you are looking for a great way to teach your child how to be responsible with spending once they are on their own I suggest starting early with the Money Savvy Pig-if only the bank had been around when I was little I may have learned how to save early on! Here is the bank (available in blue, red, pink, green, purple, platinum):


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