Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Looking for affordable promotional items?

I have been tossing around the idea of starting back up my home business which means I need to get my act together. So much has changed in the last few years and no longer can you just go to a trade show and hand out cute business cards. I started looking around for pens with my business name and logo and found Amsterdam Printing .  Although I only started out looking for a good deal on some pens to leave with my clients I have also found cute magnets and a million other great things. They have tote bags that you can put your business name on-what a great bonus to advertise while not trying to push my business on everyone! I even found cute little back pack style tote bags that would be great as baby shower gift or bridesmaid gifts. As you know I am patiently waiting on my sister in law to have a baby so I can put on one of the best parties ever! I am telling you Amsterdam has everything from clothes, cups, and even laptop bags. I am very big into personalized gifts this holiday season and with the price of ordering many items at one time I think I may get all the cousins a cute personalized lunch box filled with homemade cookies. Here is the tote that may be the center of my gift gifting this holiday season... in red of course!


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