Thursday, September 15, 2011

A Mother's Touch Thermometer

Flu season and cold season are in full swing and one thing that makes me crazy is taking my little one temperature. I have two options using the under arm method with is never accurate and makes her cry because the "stick pokes" or trying the forehead thermometer which I can never get an accurate reading because I do not apply enough pressure or don't slide properly. Thank goodness an amazing person has solved the problem with A Mother's Touch Thermometer. You simply hold the thermometer up to the child's head for 6-8 seconds to get an accurate reading. It is just like touching your child to feel how warm they are to you and does not cause any stress. A Mother's Touch is currently available at Walgreens and online. I am very pleased with the overall product and it is so affordable compared to all the other thermometers on the market. Here is the amazing thermometer at work:


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