Friday, September 30, 2011

Win a Hearts for Hearts Girls Doll

Hearts for Hearts Dolls are such a breath of fresh air to the toy community. The slogan for the dolls is "Changing the World One Heart at a Time" with each doll have a specific inspiring story. There are six dolls available in the collection: Consuelo from Mexico City, Lilian from Belarus, Dell from USA, Rahel from Ethiopia, Tipi from Laos, and Nahji from India. Each doll comes with a great story, an authentic outfit, and a cod that unlocks special features and games on the "myHeart" page. We have Cosuelo from Mexico City and I found myself captivated by her story and clothes. Consuelo provides aid to hungry and homeless children that live on the streets near her families bakery. My daughter fell in love with her immediately! She came with a flower headband, comb, and bracelet that my daughter can wear. I was overly surprised with the detail and how realistic the doll looked. We also received an additional outfit that my daughter loves which is also very authentic for each doll. I am very pleased with the message that the doll teaches because we need to teach our girls that they can make a difference and to embrace a variety of cultures. Want to win? One lucky person will win the following prize pack:

    *  One Hearts For Hearts Girl, accompanied by a friendship bracelet, story booklet, donation for girls in need through partner World Vision and a special product code your daughter can use to unlock a free membership to the Hearts For Hearts Girls website, which provides access to the “myHeart” page and an array of games and activities.
    * An outfit that is authentic to one of the Hearts for Hearts Girls’ culture, in which your daughter can also dress her doll

“Disclosure: The Hearts For Hearts Girls doll, and information have been provided by Playmates Toys through MyBlogSpark.”

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  1. I just LOVE these dolls! What a good way to teach children about the Customs of other countries, & reinforce our similarities!!! Thanks for the chance....