Thursday, September 8, 2011

Holiday Season will be here before you know it!

Can you believe it is already September! I went to the grocery today and some stores were actually already putting out Christmas displays which always make me a little excited and a little frantic. This year I have a plan of attack for holiday shopping...I am one of those impulse buyers so I am not leaving my home. I plan to have everything ordered by October 1 with enough time to personalize and arrive without buying anything crazy because everyone else has one in their cart. For the grandma's this year I want to do a nice piece of jewelry without the high price tag. My mom will be easy because she is a pearl fanatic and I thought-easy done! Wrong I had no idea how to find the right quality necklace for the price. Lucky you (and me!) I stumbled across the Pearls of Joy site that teaches you How to Buy A Pearl Necklace. I had no idea there was actually different kinds of pearls I just thought they came in different colors! Now that I am armed with the proper information on types of pearls and sizing I was ready to shop :) I did not have to look very far since you can also buy pearls from The selection is amazing and I am now finding myself spending a large amount of time going over the selection and thinking that I may just have to get more than one....perhaps a gift from santa to me :) Customer service has also had a very quick response time to my questions and I think that my ultimate choice will be this beauty-priceless pearls at a fantastic price...would love to hear your favorite selection.


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