Thursday, November 29, 2012

Sponsor Highlight Clevamama

I would love to introduce you to one of my new favorite must have products made by Clevamama. Never heard of Clevamama? It an Irish company that is making a big splash in the USA with a product line full of innovation that every mom to be and current mama should have in their home. I had the pleasure to meet the company at the ABC expo and was thrilled to see the products in ultimate favorite is the Splash & Wrap Baby bath Towel.

The towel is very large and keeps mom and baby dry. Not going to lie I even used this when I give our Chinese Crested a bath and it is perfect. My clothes stay dry and wriggling little puppy gets warm and completely covered. We even take ours to the pool because it has a hood and I can carry little miss "like a baby" while keeping my clothes dry. It really is the must have towel for all moms that do not like changing their clothes a million times a day!

Staying with the bath theme Clevamama also has an extra long bath mat that comes with a cushion for mom to use while kneeling giving baby a bath. I love the bath mat because my daughter would always complain that the decals on the bottom would "bite her bottom" and the traditional bath mat never quite reached the back of the tub. The mat is great for anyone that washes two at once since both will get to sit on the cushy mat. The material really does add a little extra cushion to the tub and feels great on bare bottoms. Now back to the cushion-how many times have you washed your child and dealt with the hard floor of the tub? I have tried kneeling on towels but trust me this do not feel great for very long! The cushion included in the bathmat is just the right size to fit next to the tub and is the right amount of "squishy" to keep knees happy...I have even used mine as a pillow while soaking in the tub and it is heavenly.

So the last few highlight products are great for mom and baby but what is bath time without a little fun? The ClevaBath Bath Toys and Tidy Bag make the perfect addition to any tub toy bin. Each is shaped like a certain animal with colors and numbers. We like to make a game of tub time by having our daughter match the colors or find a certain number. It even helps teaching animal sounds by asking what sound the shape makes. I love that they stick to the tub easily and the mesh bag is a quick clean up. At the end of the night we call all animals back to the "barn" and that is it-the bag is suctioned to the side of the shower and dries overnight.

Clevamama has so many other creative products for toilet training, sleeping, safety, and just about anything else you may need for baby! Be sure to enter the giveaway to win your very own Clevamama bath towel, toy & tidy bag, and extra long bath mat!


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