Monday, November 19, 2012

Black Friday & Cyber Monday- are you ready?

Are you going black Friday shopping this week? I have gone back and forth deciding if the crowds are worth the deals but in the end will probably be out bright and early. Now even though the deals are great I will be using coupons this year....I know it is something I have never thought of until I received and email from RetailMeNot about their Black Friday Page and Cyber Monday Page. RetailMeNot is the largest online coupon site in the US and is the number one resource for online shopping this holiday have no idea how many times I have gone to buy something online and searched RetailMeNot for a coupon and usually end up with a nice percentage off or free shipping. A very recent example is a bridesmaid dress I needed for a friends wedding- dress retails at $250 so I search quickly for a coupon and get 30% off and free shipping making my cost $172.

Now I know some of you don't like to search for coupons or forgot where you found them....happens multiple times a day in this house- I bookmark things only to lose the bookmark! RetailMeNot offers a great Deal Alerts program and newsletter so you will never miss out on any of the new coupons. My favorite part of the entire site is the free shipping tab. It is an entire tab of the website dedicated to available free shipping offers which is great when you are shopping for something available at multiple locations like that crazy little fijit on my daughters list! With the average shopper spending $171 per person you need to find a way to save a little anyway you can. Happy shopping this week weather it be online or in store and don't forget your coupons!

Disclosure: “This is a sponsored post from One2One Network and All opinions stated are my own.” 


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