Monday, November 12, 2012

Gift Guide Highlight Puppy Luv Glam

During the holiday season I love to try to find trendy clothes as well as toys for little miss. This year I found the perfect addition to our wardrobe at the ABC Family Expo-Puppy Luv Glam! That is right I said OUR wardrobe...the company makes amazing coordinated looks for sizes newborn to juniors. Just look at this adorable zebra print dress:

Not only are the clothes adorable but the story behind the company makes me want to fill my wardrobe with Puppy Luv Glam dresses. The owner of the company began the business from necessity-while trying to find her daughter cute puppy themed clothes all that was found was boyish clothes. We have all been there....browsing the baby section only to find that the only dog themed clothes are blue and usually include bone patterns. So Puppy Luv Glam was born! My daughter loves that her dress is "sparkly" because of the authentic swarovski crystals and I like that I can just wash and go the dress without worrying because of the durability. So far our dress has been covered in so many different foods and paint and looks just as great as the day it arrived. I am really amazed at how the black is not fading and getting that weird dingy grey color-especially since we wear our dress multiple times a week.

Do you want to know my favorite thing about the company? They give back! You know how I love green companies and companies that try to make a difference so of course when I heard the Puppy Luv Glam donates part of the proceeds to the animal shelter I was even more in love. Not only do you get to look fabulous but you can make a statement that animals are just as important in your family as the people. What a great holiday gift for that fashionista in your life to not only support a great cause but look great at the same time! Be sure to follow Puppy Luv Glam on facebook and enjoy your 2012 gift guide!


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