Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Holiday travel season is upon us!

Holiday travel season is here which means countless hours in the car traveling back home! While I love going home for the holidays I hate what is does to my hair, snacks everywhere, and snowy footprints on the back of every chair. Well I decided to get a new puppy blanket for the back to keep the hair away and have implemented a no shoe policy on long drives. Now for the snack problem-have you every really tried one of those "spill proof" snack cups? My daughter has managed to figure out how to make everything spill...she spreads the rubber part and shakes the cup upside down until there are a million tiny crackers everywhere which means I have two dogs fighting to get these snacks spilled everywhere while trying to drive usually in the snow. We have tried Ziploc back, Tupperware, and even cutting holes in the top of those disposable cups from fast food places. Nothing has worked so when I came across the Munchie Mug at the ABC Expo I must admit I was a bit skeptical. After the demonstration and turning the cup upside down a million times I was eager to get home and give it to little miss. I must admit I was very happy watching her shake that cup like a mad lady without anything coming out....with every frustrated shake I was waiting for the crackers to fly but guess what nothing! I mean absolutely no crackers, goldfish, fruit snacks-nothing....I have even been brave enough to try grapes cut into little snips. Normally nothing like that would come into the car because I am not a fan of finding rotting fruit all over the car but she could only get her snack out and not shake them all over the car. The cup even comes with a lid to put on the left over snack to keep it fresh...just look at this amazing snack cup
The secret really is the patented spandex opening that bounces back into place and is super easy to get the snack from. Now a little about the Munchie Mug family- they are a small family run company that really care about the product. I had a chance to chat with them about their cup and I must say each was super friendly and really cared about the product. The Munchie Mug is made in USA from 100% recycled material and is BPA, Phthalate, PVC free. It is available in pink, blue, yellow, and green and is available for purchase here.  If you want one less ground up snack in your carpet order now before the holiday rush....I only wish I knew about the Munchie Mug two years ago!


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