Tuesday, November 20, 2012

No Thanksgiving toddler mess this year!

So let me flash back to the end of August....the first day of school to be exact. I had the perfect outfit picked out for all the great pack to school pictures and was eager to get that perfect shot of my daughter entering her classroom. I am not sure what I was thinking but I got her dressed BEFORE breakfast-I good not have made a bigger mistake. Milk, cereal, juice and some sticky marshmallow thing my husband gave her was all over the outfit within minutes. Since we just got back from vacation and had a mile high pile of laundry my outfit replacement choices were slim. Whey did I not just put her in a bib you say? Well she is a big girl and refuses to wear anything that could remotely resemble something for babies so my choices are cover her in a towel or go without-that was until I attended the ABC Expo. While wandering down an isle looking for an appointment I happened to stumble across kiddologic. The product was just being launched at the expo so this is a real up and coming hot of the presses kind of must have. The bibit-all will be your ultimate lifesaver-it is lightweight, has sleeves, and best of all 100% water proof.

I love that the bibit all has no straps, snaps, or Velcro. It easily pulls over the head and stays put until you are ready to remove. No more sleeve edges stained in sauce thanks to the ribbed cuffs on the sleeve. We have used our bibit all at mealtime and for all the fun little art projects. My daughter also loves to help cook so this is perfect to protect her clothes while she bakes or cooks in the kitchen. I am very excited to use our bibit all at Thanksgiving this year-just imagine I can put little miss in a dress and keep it clean! We have always had to change her dress before eating on special occasions and some family member always gets a photo of her eating in jammies or play clothes-no more thanks to the bibit all! Be sure to visit our holiday gift guide for features of all the must have products this year!


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