Friday, November 16, 2012

Gift Guide Highlight-The Christmas Angel

Have you ever heard of elf on the shelf? We do not have one but my understanding is that you put the elf in different places around the house to make children behave. While that is a fantastic idea if you want your child to behave for Santa but we really wanted to get back to the real message of Christmas. Have you heard of The Christmas Angel? While attending the ABC Expo I came across a fantastic team that created The Christmas Angel. It is a way to incorporate the true meaning of Christmas into the holidays. So this great little keepsake box includes the story, angel, angel dust, and book.

So how does it work? Each night you read the story about the Christmas Angel to your child and then watch the magic of the “angel” work. While your child is sleeping you then put a message in the gold dust for an action that your child can do for someone else. Amazing idea-teach your children that the holidays are about family and random acts of kindness not about the never ending Christmas list. I personally think this is a great way to teach any child about humanity and my daughter has even started sending prayer request to her angel...for other people! Just last night she said “gold angel can you use your tinker belle dust and make my bear have a great day at school”. While this was a little far fetched I am proud she is starting to pray and wish for things for other people other than herself. You can find The Christmas Angel on Facebook and twitter.  The Christmas Angel is available for purchase online or you can use the store finder here. Right now if you can even sign up for 25 days of messages! Each day you will receive an email with a message and how you can put the action to use in your house. Such a great gift to start the holiday season!


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