Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Birthday time in 2 weeks-time to get busy!

Can you believe that my daughter will be 3 in two short weeks? This year she is big into two things-Thomas the train & princesses. I swore before I had kids that toys would not overtake my life but now it is like living in toys'r'us and we have just enough space to function! So now it is time to kick into high gear and find her the perfect present. Her request was a train ride and a Princess & the Frog dress.  Well as usual I knew just where to go to get the! They have the most amazing, affordable costumes that are perfect for any occasion! Here is the great dress we found:

Anytime Costumes has a ton of princess costumes available that look just like the dresses from the movie. I love our costume because it is just floor length now but can grow with my daughter through the years. It also has an easy to use Velcro neck so she is able to put on her own costume-no more hearing her scream for help as she is stuck in a dress! The dress has amazing detail with a leaf pattern down the front of the dress and a "Tiana button" as my daughter call it. No question that this dress was made with an amazing attention to detail. Want to know my favorite part of Anytime Costumes? They also offer an adult frog costume! I see a great Halloween dress up duo in the to let my husband know he will be going as a giant frog this Halloween!


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