Thursday, May 24, 2012

Perfect go to summer bag!

So my wardrobe in mostly black & white but with summer quickly approaching I need an easy color change to make my outfits pop. Since I am not a huge jewelry fan because everything seems to get broken around my energetic toddler I tend to focus on a bag that stands out. My other problem is that we are in prime potty training and wet swim suit season so I needed a diaper bag without the look of a diaper bag. This meant I had to turn to one of my favorite shops 7 A.M Enfant! I have the Barcelona in red and cannot believe the versatility of the bag. Just take a look at all the great color options:

My bag is super lightweight and easily transitions to all of my activities during the week. It has been our swim bag, dance bag, my work bag, and above all just my everyday purse. I love the deep pockets on the front that hold just about anything and that it is made from a water-repellent material. This comes in very handy when little miss spills things constantly! My Barcelona bag has exceeded all of my expectations....even when it is full of all the daily essentials it is still much lighter than some of my thicker bags. It also easily fits on my stroller...I have high hopes to go back to jogging this summer and am excited to that I won't have to have a separate bag for the stroller! If you are going to buy a bag that will grow with your child I would highly recommend 7 A.M. can still carry a diaper bag without giving up your sense of style!


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