Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Me4Kidz=easy vacation travel!

So we will be taking our first big trip with my daughter since she was an infant in a few weeks. This means a plane ride, long airport layover, strange hotel room...the whole nine yards to turn a pleasant vacation into a nightmare quickly. As you have read my daughter is not a fan of sticky hands but also will not use traditional baby wipes since she thinks they are only for babies. This does not leave much room for portable wiping on my part...I have tried the little moist towelettes you get from restaurants but she hates how those smell. So finally I found little buddy antibacterial wipes! They truly have been a life savor-the package has a cute little dolphin on the front which makes my daughter think they are big girl wipes. She has no problem carrying them in her "purse" and use them anytime she may have sticky hands. The package is very easy for her to manipulate by herself and over the past few weeks they are still moist and  and have not dried out-I am actually pleasantly surprised how well the package has held up to a two year old! Me4Kidz offers a variety of products including a medibag, medibuddy (1st aid kit to go-perfect size for small places), diaper bag buddy, smile buddy, and nail buddy. We are also a huge fan of the nail buddy-a compact little kit full of everything a little girl needs for her nails. My daughter loves that the flower nail stickers are just her size and we do not have to cut them down for her tiny fingers. No matter what you may be up to this summer be sure to grab your "to go" kits from Me4Kidz!


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