Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Madagascar 3 in theaters soon!

This afternoon was my turn to host "mom's afternoon out"...what better way than with a Madagascar movie viewing party sponsored by Children's Claritin!  As a Mom Crew member I get to try out all the latest and greatest in Claritin (a real life savor in my house!). Every month my friends and I take turns hosting a mom's afternoon out-basically one of us gets stuck at home with a house full of kids while everyone else gets 4 whole hours without hearing "mom, mom, mom,mom". You can imagine my extreme delight when a box arrived with Madagascar 1 & 2 and great party ideas. The kids loved the movie and it has been agreed that the next outing will be to see Madagascar 3: Europeans most wanted in theaters (June 8)! My daughter does not sit through many movies so I was beyond thrilled to actually watch her dance with the animals and take a genuine interest in the plot. Who doesn't love Alex the lion! 
We also made some popcorn, ate some "zoo mix" and made these adorable lion hand print crafts 
The best part was each kid went home with a great goodie bag filled with zoo themed prizes (including stickers) and each mom received a grab bag of Claritin samples-with allergies being so out of control this year I think they were more grateful for the Claritin then the day off! 
If you have a child that suffers from allergies I highly recommed trying the grape chewable..I get super drowsy from all allergy medicine and the Claritin actually works for me and each of children-so great to have a one stop medicine for everyone! 

* A big thanks to the Claritin Mom Crew for a great Madagascar movie party-all opinions are my own*


  1. I must make some time and go to see it with my daughters, they have so much toys with Mdagascar friends.

  2. Hi Elena,

    thought I would let you know McDonalds has the toys for the movie and toys r us just got in a bunch of Alex gear...can't wait for the release on Friday!