Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Spring is here -time to Chooze Shoes!

I have found my must shoes for spring for my daughter-Chooze Shoes! I originally found the company by searching for shoe companies that "give back" and soon fell in love with the designs and company concept. Chooze Shoes are different. The left shoe is never the same as the right so each shoe is is what I mean:

Now the company offers a wide variety of shoe choices and designs. I personally love Chooze Shoes because of the mission of the company. Offering a hand-up rather than a hand-out, the company uses profits each year to provide loans to women in poverty so they can start their own business.  The process cycles each year and the loan helps women provide for their families. Chooze Shoes are also made from vegan material and come in a great "Art Box" instead of a shoe box. Our box has now become home to many little dinosaurs and Easter eggs. So how do the shoes fit? I am highly impressed with the quality and durability of the shoes. We have a hard time finding Maryjane type shoes that don't hurt little misses feet in some way until she tried her Chooze Shoes. It has now been well over a few weeks wearing them day in and day out and I could not be happier with how nicely they fit....added bonus no stubbed toes in sandals this summer! Chooze Shoes are available in both girls, boys, and women' is the pair I have my eye on: 

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