Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Need a Father's Day gift idea?

Father's Day is right around the corner and that means that I need to get creative. I try to find things for my husband and dad that they will use and will not sit on a shelf collecting dust. Now my dad loves to cook so I knew he would benefit from something kitchen related. Lately he has been into cutting fresh vegetables so I wanted to find a high quality knife that would last and not rust after a few washings. Nogent has a wide range of knives that are made for precision cutting. The Nogent expert range knife has a very thick blade and micro-serration that allows for precise cutting and slicing. The knife also has a handle that is guaranteed not to come off and is rendered antibacerial in the dishwasher. An added bonus for me-look at the handle color...also available in pink, and turquoise blue!

Nogent offers a wide selection of knives including pairing knives, steak knives, filleting knives, bread knife, boning knife, and the new Chef's knife. Each knife is manufactured in France and is a must for any kitchen with a budding chef. I know my dad will love that he is not only receiving something he can use but something that will grow his passion for cooking.


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