Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Yester Year Soap-Great Mother's Day gift idea!

It is that time of year when everyone scrambles to find the perfect Mother's Day gift! This year I think I am going to do a relaxation basket for my mother in law which will include various yoga items, soaps, lotions, and maybe a spa gift card? I am all set with the soap and will be using my go to YesterYear Soap company. Not only do they make high quality soaps for every occasion in fantastic scents but they also have a YesterYear Soap giving charity. The company gives a bar of soap for women who face domestic violence. We often take so many things for granted on a day to day basis and it is hard to imagine a bar of soap being a luxury but with help from YesterYear soap products the women in the shelter have a little bit more they can call their own. I always am excited when I can purchase a product and help give back at the same time! Now that I have started the gift basket time to find my other products to fill the gaps-what will you be purchasing this mother's day?


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