Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Great Mother's Day gift for the on the go mom: Zigo Mango!

Spring time has arrived and this year I am determined to actually get outside and work out. My daughter is now old enough to go on bike rides and be in a jogging stroller so I want to incorporate both in our spring/summer routine. The only problem with your traditional bike trailers & jogging strollers is that you have to buy two very expensive pieces of bulky baby gear. So what is the solution? Zigo Mango has made a great stroller for active parents that can be used as a jogging stroller and as a kids bike trailer. You never need to buy any add-on kits and the the stroller can accommodate 1 or 2 children. Even if you are not into jogging or biking the stroller is an amazing buy with tons of premium luxury features including padded seats, a 5 point safety harness, reflective stripping, 4 point shock absorbers, multi-position adjustable push bar, and many, many more! I am very excited that my husband & I will both get a chance to work out and do what we love with my daughter without buying a ton of equipment. One stroller does it all and I can even use it at the zoo on the bumpy path up to the lion since my traditional stroller always seems to get stuck in the dirt/hay/rock combination of the path. The Zigo Mango is sure to be my go to stroller for the summer-just look at the trendy design! 

As a jogging stroller:

As a bike trailer:


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