Thursday, April 19, 2012

Summer is right around the corner-a must have swimsuit for kids!

As you know my daughter loves to swim! We take classes all year round so we are constantly at the pool and looking for quality swimwear. Well the past few months have been very stressful at the pool because my daughter is out of swim diapers and in a big girl swimsuit! The only problem is when we are in the middle of class and she has to go potty. We race to the bathroom and everything is great getting the suit off but then it comes time to put the suit back on for class. It is a complete nightmare! The wet suit doesn't stretch right and she screams because it hurts to get the wet suit that is now clinging to her leg over her equally rubber sticky body. Last fall while I attended an expo I can across the perfect solution-Snap Me Swimwear. Since we were using swim diapers at the time I did not realize what an amazing, life changing product the Snap Me Swimwear suit would be in my life. We have now used the suit for two classes and I cannot tell you the difference it has made in my daughter's attitude and the speed at which potty breaks can now happen. The amazing suit has snaps in the crotch area that have two levels for adjusting. When you have to take teh suit off you just unsnap and resnap-literally the most life changing product I have used to date! I also love the cut of the suits-we have gone through so many that are so high cut that my daughters little tush hangs out which is no acceptable. If you plan on going to the beach and have to change swim diapers or have a little one that needs to use the potty every five minutes the suit will be an ulimate life savor! Here is a photo of the amazing snapwear design & one of many swimwear options available!


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