Wednesday, April 18, 2012

College text books out of control?

As graduation season approaches so does the fear and excitement of college! My cousin will be off to college in the fall and decided to take a few classes this summer until she saw the price tag. Have any of you bought a college text book recently? I could not believe that a small little paperback was hundreds of dollars with a buyback price of a few dollars. I personally do not remember how much my books cost but I do know that when I sold the used, barely opened books back to the store I was lucky to walk away with $50 for all my books. Luckily times have changed and you can now use Campus Book Rentals to get your text books for 40-90% off bookstore prices. Let's say you need the Principles of Macroeconomics this semester: the bookstore price is $172.95 or you can rent the book for as low as $34.06! The books are shipped free both ways with flexible renting periods. You can also highlight in the books just like you can if you pay an arm and a leg from the bookstore. Here is a great video about Campus Book Rentals:

Don't pay the outrageous book store fees anymore! Visit Campus Book Rentals today and learn how you can make a difference with Operation Smile!


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