Friday, December 7, 2012

Will you be traveling this holidy season?

While I love going away with my family I find traveling to be a bit stressful. Here is when I began to dread daughter was 10 months old and just starting to crawl. We went to Connecticut and quickly set up the pack and play and began to get ready for our trip to the zoo. Somehow the person cleaning the room missed this weird metal cap or coin thing in the corner and little miss crawled right over and in her mouth it went. After that I began obsessing-what about the cords, light sockets, door knobs? At home we had baby proofing things our but here we were not prepared for our crawling little angel. Well years have gone by and I still stress every time we travel-that is until we met the Travel Tot company in Louisville. So what is Travel Tot? It is a childproofing kit that quickly travels with you wherever you go. We actually keep ours in our diaper bag so it is with us at all times....after all you never know when you need a bandage!

Travel Tot has been featured on the Today Show and I am excited about more exposure for the company. Think of all the times you may have had a close call while traveling-how nice would it of been to quickly pull out a small kit and have piece of mind. I think this is a must have for anyone traveling this holiday season and would be a great baby gift!
You can purchase your Travel Tot kit online here-happy and safe travels this holiday season!


  1. This would be a lifesaver! Anyone with little ones need this!

    brich22 at earthlink dot net

  2. Thanks so much for the post-what a fantastic idea! love all the unique stuff you post :)