Monday, December 3, 2012

Holiday Gift Guide Highlight- Life on the Farm

So are you looking for something a little different to give the person that has everything? I know each year we end up drawing my cousin's name and he always wants "a game". The problem is all of the games he either has or is not super appropriate...his mom does not like the "make the dog poop game" or "let's pick our nose" games. So when I went to the Chitag Game & Toy fair I knew I would find the perfect something.
So imagine a game that develops business skills, money management (yes with actual toy money and not fake credit cards!), and critical thinking skills, all while doing something a little different. Life on the Farm is just the award winning board game you are looking for! The goal game is about running a small business  and being the first to "retire".

The game has won numerous awards including first place at the Brainerd Inventors Fair, the 2012 National Parenting Center Seal of Approval, and Tillywig Toy Awards Best Family Fun. WE loved moving along the path and going to cattle auctions and incurring farm expenses. The game is perfect for  family game night and ages eight and up.

So as you know I have kids of various ages. So what about our little preschooler that always wants to be included? They have Life of the Farm Preschool Edition! I love this version because no reading is required and the graphics are so bright and kid friendly. The game is a puzzle combination where kids play the game and get a matching animal puzzle piece. The first to fill their "barn" with seven animals wins. The game is the perfect playing length without getting board and was a great mix for everyone to play together-not completed for the little one but kept the big kids engaged.
So where can you buy Life on the Farm? It is available online and at toys 'r' us. A perfect something different for the game lover on your list!


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