Sunday, December 2, 2012

Gift Guide Highlight Sili Squeeze

Are your kids into the squeezers? That is what we call them at least and at $1.49 a piece I am always a little reluctant to buy them-I know its fruit and great for you but the price gives me a bit of sticker shock. Now my daughter has to have these ones because you guessed it Tangled is on the package:
While I love the fact that she is eating more fruit/vegetable combinations I was still a bit concerned about the content and the harm of the packaging as well as price. So I decided I was going to create my own fruit puree which was a huge hit. My daughter loves to help make her snacks and feels like she is really part of the process but it was not the same eating the puree out of a cup. Lucky me I found my life saving, go to snack device-the sili squeeze!
The sili squeeze is available in two sizes 4 oz and 6 oz and made for a wide range of ages. The patent pending spill proof spout is a real life savor-ever had your preschooler jump down on her half eaten squeezer pouch? We have she jumped right out of the seat and onto the package with caused a huge sticky, smelly mess. The sili squeeze is perfect for those of us concerned with the crazy amount of trash produced each year as well-no more throwing out three pouches each day that will take forever to decompose in a landfill. When you child is done with their snack either wash by hand or in the dishwasher-so simple! My favorite part of the sili squeeze is that the cap is attached and I do not have to hunt for it to close up whatever my remain in the bottle. If you have an older preschool child like my squeezer loving daughter you will want the Sili Squeeze with Eeeze. It is the second-generation of reusable squeeze pouches from The Sili Company. The difference in the Sili Squeeze with Eeze is that the resistance free nipple spout is no longer spill proof which my daughter loves! She likes to feel like a big girl and not a baby-because we no longer use sippy cups she things anything you really need to manipulate with your mouth is for babies. Sili Squeeze offers tons of great recipe ideas here. Not really into making your own snacks? Think of how great it will be to buy in bulk and portion our appropriate snack sizes of yogurt or to be able to buy a large tub of vanilla and easily change the flavor by adding whichever fruit for the day. The sili squeeze is really a great baby shower gift idea or snack idea for your favorite preschooler! Be sure to follow sili squeeze on Facebook, twitter, pinterest. 


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