Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Gift Guide Highlight Kwid Kids Learning Watch

Is your child at that age when they are determined to be completely self sufficient? I know our new obsession is watches. My husband wears a watch, I wear a watch, and my daughter wants to wear a watch. The frustrating part is that the kids watches available are either digital or the face of a clock and she wants to feel "grown up" but still be able to understand time. Luckily I stumbled across the Kwid Learning Watch! It shows both the face of the clock and the digital time-such an amazing idea! My daughter has grown in leaps in bounds with her new watch because she can easily check her "answer" and find if she is correct.
The watch is also the perfect solution for so many other things then learning time. Just look at all the great things the watch can help your child learn:
Our other favorite feature is learning to organize your time. I like that my daughter can see how much time is left in a certain task and when the time is over it is over. This has caused us to really change how we parent and encourage our daughter to take more responsibility. How many times have we fought over how much 5 minutes is when leaving the playground! No more thanks to the Learning Watch...when time is up we both know that it is time to go! The Kids Learning Watch is the perfect stocking stuffer and available here on amazon!
Watch the watch in action:


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