Sunday, December 2, 2012

Make a difference when you shop this holiday season

Have you ever heard about Monkeez Makes a Difference? It is a great program that empowers children to help others. The company turns giving to others into a game that is innovative and interactive. Once you purchase a genuine Monkeez or Monkeez friends you can online to play games, participate in real life do good challenges and make a special donation on your child's behalf to one of three nationally renowned charities of your child's choice. Each friend comes with a unique code on their tag and are available and many independent retailers across the country. Just look at how adorable the Monkeez & Friends are:

There are more than 90 plush designs to choose from-we have a kangaroo & joey and a hedgehog. I love that there is large range of price points and tons of animals to choose from! You can find the large variety of friends available here:

So how did Monkeez & Friends change our lives? Before we brought our two new friends home my husband & I were not sure how to make our preschooler aware of those less fortunate. As the holidays were approaching we wanted to have her help someone in need but did not know a great way to bring up giving back in a way that she could understand. The Monkeez friends were the perfect way to explore online and teach her about all the organizations available to help children less fortunate. So what was little misses favorite part of her new friends? Hands down the magnetic hands and the fact that the kangaroo had a removable joey. She loves to have her new friends "help" around the house by carrying different things in their paws. The Monkeez Friends really are something unique that will bring a smile to your child's face.You can find all of the Monkeeze Friends here plus other great products for everyone on your list!


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