Friday, January 27, 2012

Valentine's Day is right around the corner!

Valentine's Day is one of my favorite holidays so I thought I would spend some time putting together a small list of gift ideas. Of course little miss wants anything to do with Disney costumes. Even though it is not Halloween time we are constantly shopping for dress up costumes and presents for our little princess. Of course all the stores charge an arm and a leg so I like to order online at Wholesale Halloween Costumes. They have every Disney princess you could possibly need including tangled and the princess and the frog. I literally can pay half price for the costumes and all the accessories-every little girl needs a crown after all! The quality is amazing and each of our previous dresses has withstood years of dress up play. For Valentine's Day we went with a classic purple Jasmine costume and do you want to hear the best part-I found a costume that does not have the stomach area exposed! Absolutely love all the variations available on the site so there is a princess costume available for any age including the itty bitty toddlers. Don't have a little girl? The site also features many costumes from animated movies including the ever popular Toy Story. The site also offers flat rate shipping so no worries if you find yourself wanting the entire store-we have our eye on new Ariel shoes & a crown! Here is one of my favorite costumes the site has to I just have to convince little miss to want to be Pinocchio!


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